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small poop

  1. lydvn

    Small/Sunflower seed-looking poops

    So, randomly today me and my partner have noticed our guinea pig Mali's poops are a bit different than normal. They look just the same as her normal ones, but a bit smaller and a little bit of a point at the tip of one end. We recently have put her on a low-calcium diet because her cage-mate...
  2. M

    Help! Clicking noise/ Grinding noise? I don’t know

    Hello! Currently my guinea pig Poe is making this strange clicking / grunting sound and I can’t tell whether or not it’s a respiratory thing or a teeth grinding because of pain. I have included a video and I’m not sure what I should do. His poops are also smaller than normal and I noticed that...
  3. A

    Small poops, Dehydration? Any advice appreciated!

    Hello everyone, please help me! My guinea pig (3yrs, female) has been making these really small poops recently (I'll attach a picture so you can see). I researched and it said possible illnesses could be dehydration or gut problems. I'm unsure if its gut problems since I reg give her probiotics...
  4. N

    Guinea pig poo became tiny

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had this situation before or knew what was wrong with my boy. I noticed a few weeks ago he was having much smaller poos then normal. He is eating OK, his pellets aren't going down too well but I have begun to syringe feed him them. I weighed both my boys...
  5. S

    Small poop/ less eating hay/ weight loss

    Hi everyone One of my guinea pig name Caramel (9months) has been sneezing so I went to the vet for checkup. The vet gave me antihistamine for 5 days(been giving him for 4 days now), but he has been eating less hay, less drinking and lose 60 grams weight as for today. His poops has become small...
  6. Puddles1999

    Different poop sizes?

    Good evening, I have three guinea pigs in the same cage and when I’ve been spot cleaning their cage, I notice small poops. Some a decent size smaller than the others. I do have an Abyssinian, and two Americans. While my Abyssinian is a bit smaller than the other two, I’m not sure if these...
  7. P

    Cisapride and Baytril?

    Hi! I wasn't just wondering if it is safe to give cisapride and Baytril at the same time? My piggies are on Baytril for possible URI (we just started yesterday) and one Piggie is not only kind of gassy, but her poops are a bit smaller than usual. I have been giving her simethicone (I know it's...
  8. G

    Small poops?

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). Recently I’ve taken them to the vet because of their soft stool. They gave me some medicine to put them on. They’ve hadn’t had veggies in a month. This is because they had soft stool and I wanted it to firm up. The medicine seems to be helping. Please...
  9. M

    Thin pig small poop

    I’m looking for some insight on what might be wrong with my piggie. I adopted him so his age is estimated to be 6 yrs. He has been losing weight and his today seem smaller than usual. This happened to a previous cage mate I had for him a few years ago. Vet ran blood panel and never found out...