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  1. drewj

    New Piggy Is Smaller Than The Other?

    so I finally got my Guinea pig a cage mate (it's been 2 months and I finally had enough money saved) and the new one is younger and is MUCH smaller. the bigger one isn't mean to the baby, but she has a few times just laid in one of their hidies on top of her or she has stepped on her while they...
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Very Small Pigs?

    I'm not too worried about them as their 'heft' is fine and they're all eating, pooping and popping as normal, but they are all very little (I think) and was wondering if pups of sibling pregnancies or back2backs are smaller? My 3 girls are 'about' 8 months old and between 630 and 680 grams...