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  1. twolittlenoses

    how can i minimise guinea pig smell?

    hello! so i am new here and this is my first post thread thingy, and i was wondering if someone could give me some advide on what to do with guinea pig smells. my guinea pigs live in my room, but they wont be able to for much longer if the smell continues like this. i really love having them...
  2. S

    Guinea pig poop smells really bad

    Hi, I have 2 guinea pigs. 1 is 2 years old and the other 24 weeks old. They have shared a 3 x 5 cage now for months. I had the 2 year old first and never had a problem with a smelly room or poop. Only when I got another guinea pig the smell has got really bad. That bad you can smell it as soon...
  3. M

    Smelly boar

    I have a 3 year old boar (Dale) who's suddenly developed a bit of a whiff. A few weeks ago his cagemate from birth (Chip) died, and he was devestated. I had to syringe feed him critical care to get him to eat (which admittedly gave him cowpat stools), as he refused to eat by himself. He wasn't...
  4. GuineaDigs

    How many pigs of which genders?

    Hi All! I have a 5x2 C&C cage, I don't want it to smell too much as it's in my living room, but i want my pigs to be the happiest pigs! I'm stuck on one boy two girls (neutered of course), three girls, or two of any gender pairing. Which genders are chattiest? Would two boys be smellier...
  5. Welpo

    my boy is stinky (he literally smells like poo) and needs a bath. How should I go about this?

    As in depth as possible, what's the best way to bathe a skittish guinea pig? Malcolm's a boar and he hasn't had a bath since he's been staying with me (his previous owner did a bath once a month). He smells like poo and I wanna hold/cuddle him without having to pull my face away all the time...
  6. Siikibam

    White Stuff

    One of my boys wiped some white stuff on the fleece. This is the second time I’ve seen it. It’s kind of soft but not runny. Last time they did it I rubbed and smelt it. I was almost it smelt REALLY RANK! Does anyone know what it is?
  7. Elphaba75

    Loose Poop

    hi,I have a two year old male who had very smelly diarrhoea for a couple of days , he lost weight and though the diarrhoea stopped he continued to have non formed stools which were smelly☹️ He’s eating drinking ok and not in any pain the vets have given him food to firm him up and antibiotics...
  8. Bethany How

    Thick Smelly Discharge

    I've gone to clean my male guinea pigs rear ends to make sure there's no saw dust or hay stuck up there, to notice his bum was packed with this thick cream in colour smelly discharge, I've cleaned him out. What is it? And do I need to get him to the vets? He's just over a year old. Thanks in...
  9. court29x

    Extra Smelly Piggies!

    since having fleece cage liners they have gotten extra smelly! they didn't smell at all yesterday but today its rank haha! I wouldn't mind so much but they are in my bedroom and theres no where else I can put them, I vacuumed out their poo's today but they still smell! I dont know what to do any...
  10. naomi.davies7

    Housing Advice

    Hi just looking for some advice. I've always had piggies but they've been in my family home and they were either kept outside or inside in store bought runs using hay and sawdust as bedding. I rescued 2 boars in my new house last November and to start with they were in a store bought cage, but...
  11. Chlawee

    Smelly Cage!

    Hi everyone, I've been using fleece for my babies cage and I recently bought some new fleece. I recently got another piggy and my cage is starting to smell a little more? I'm not sure why. I was thinking of putting puppy pads underneath to soak up any pee? Or does anyone have any better...
  12. Guineapigfeet

    Bb-8 Is Going To Need A Bath!

    I noticed BB's nice bright white patch was not so white at weighing time this weekend. I think she must have napped on pissy newspaper! I gave her a wipe down with a warm damp cloth, much to her disgust, and the mark got removed, but when she was dry she still smelt bad so she's probably going...