1. Flapjack.the.piggie...

    This is Flapjack ❤️

    Here are some more pictures of Flapjack - eating veggies, his pouting face, him posing with his new sign i made and one when he managed to wedge himself in a roll af carpet 😂 - don’t worry he didn’t eat any and we lured him out with a pea flake 💖
  2. FlannelPig


    Richard and Kevin got super lucky today! I decided to give them some slices of strawberry. It's one of their favorites but they don't get it too often because of how high in sugar it is (And also because Richard is on a diet, but dont tell him that). :drool:
  3. pigmumsar

    Mickey Mouse Treats!

    You can tell it's the last day of the hols as my children were looking for an activity to do this afternoon. My son suggested we make the piggies some treats so we baked some little cookies. The Mickey Mouse shapes were our favourite. Bramble and Smartie started tucking in as soon as we put...