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  1. S

    My guinea pig is sneezing

    Hi! I’ve had my pigs since last Thursday, and today I’ve heard them sneezing. Or at least that is what it sounds like. I’ve read that guinea pig can get URIs after moving and now I’m very worried. They eat normally and from what I can tell (they are still very cautious and won’t come out from...
  2. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Adopted two piggies, sneezing alot

    So to start off I do have a vet appointment, but I have to wait 3 days beacuse he isn't in until then. However I worry so I'm asking here as well. I just adopted my two babies and while I was at the place, not the best condition, one of my pigs sneezed once. I figured it was coincidence, but he...
  3. C.Courtney0310

    Sneezy Guinea Pigs

    So I got my guinea pigs about 4 weeks ago and eve since I first got them they've been sneezing a lot. They eat and drink fine, they run around a lot and aren't really shy anymore, their poops are normal, and theres no discharge coming out of their noses or anything weird coming out of their...
  4. K

    Sneezes or puffs of air?

    Hey everyone, i just got a 5 month old guinea pig and she usually sneezes (?) but it’s not really a sneeze. She puffs air out of her nose every time I’m around her although I don’t usually hear it when she’s in her cage. I’ve also heard her sneeze before which sounds louder and is more...
  5. Jumpman

    New Owner, Genuinely Concerned about 1 of 2 new Piggies. Squinting/Sneezing occasionally.

    Hi Everyone. I've just purchased my first two g-piggies :p I've been very excited about their new presence in my home and have been bothering them a little too much (taking lots of flash-free pics, videos, and just talking and throwing hay into cage. I've taken them out a few times to explore my...
  6. F

    Guinea pig sneezing after a fight

    So I have 3 male guinea pigs at their “teenage” years and two of them fights a lot, I’ve been trying many solutions in terms of stopping them from fighting (currently) but as I was cleaning their play pen - I left them in another play pen that I keep as an extra - I heard them fighting and...
  7. W

    Guinea Pig Is Sneezing

    I have two guinea pigs. They have been treated for a URI a couple weeks ago since they were sneezing and one had a crusty eye. I went on holidays and after 15 days I saw them and they seemed to be doing great, their fur was amazingly soft and they had grown a bit more (they're 4 and 6 months...
  8. A


    One of my new boys has been sneezing occasionally over the days since i got him and his cage mate last thursday He has no crusting anywhere no discharge nor signs of a uri. They eat natures own sweet green hay. Other eise he seems happy and relaxed and popcorns alot