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  1. PiggieNinja

    What Illness Is This?

    Hi everyone, I've had willow (sow) for about 2 years now and ever since we got her she's had the sniffles. During the first two months I went to the vets a couple of times (particularly as one of my other pigs had a URI and I thought she may have it too) but they just told me that it's nothing...
  2. Zerlina

    If My Piggy Has A Sniffle On Saturday Night Is Monday Afternoon Soon Enough For A Vet Appointment?

    My guinea has a sniffley nose but no discharge or eyes crusted up. She's still eating a lot and moving around like a bouncing ball with her friends. It's late Saturday now. I have a vet's appointment for Monday afternoon anyway. Do I need to try and move it forward or should Monday be early...
  3. Sporgan

    Confusing Symptoms - Blocked Nose And Hooting Sort Of Chirp

    i have recently been worried about my 1 year old Guinea pig Morgan. 2 weeks ago he started hooting and sniffling a lot and after research took him to the vets to check for an URI. The vet (a cavy specialist) couldn't hear anything wrong but just incase put him on antibiotics for 5 days. When I...