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  1. Acy

    Sniffling And Sneezing Guniea Pig

    Hey there! I had recently purchased a guinea pig from a pet store and upon purchasing her I knew she had a small bit of crusties on her nose. Her breathing was fine, no eye crusts and she was very alert and active. They had just got done switching her over from where they keep the new ones they...
  2. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Got The Sniffles?

    I noticed recently that my boar (Biscuit) has been a bit sniffly and sounds like he has a bit of a blocked nose. I then realised a few days later my other boar (Ollie) started sniffling as well. Biscuit has now become less interested in his nuggets but does still eat his veggies and hay. Ollie...
  3. A

    Is It Possible That My Piggy Is Still Sick?

    Okay, so 3 weeks ago my sister and I had bought two guinea pigs, Fred and George. George was more than likely sick when we had gotten him, but we were told vitamin C drops would do the trick. NOPE. Poor little George had a pretty strong case of an upper respiratory infection, and without further...