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  1. V

    Tips for removing snot.

    Hi, my name is Martin and i have a guinea pig, Theodor. Theodor has started having some problems with his lungs a little bit more than a year ago. We have been to the doctors multiple times its always been the same, he gets antibiotics daily and we have been told he will need this regularly...
  2. BenjiAndButtons


    Hi, We've a piggie that has some clear liquid in the very corner of his right nostril. I only really noticed because it glistened in the light. He's perfectly fine in every other aspect, eat poo pees, doesn't sound congested, no abnormal behaviour. He has a history of URI's and Conjunctivitis...
  3. CraigGlasgow

    Snotty Nose/sneezing But Clear Chest, Cause For Concern?

    So Weasley's still suffering slightly from his bloat although it is getting better, managing a few days of semi-decent poos enough to start experimenting with veg. He has however throught this whole process had small amounts of eye crust, bouts of sneezing and sort of pulsing/hiccupy motions...