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snotty nose

  1. Ellsie1

    Watery nose, wheezing and skinny

    This is my first time posting, I’m extremely concerned over my 4 year old piggie Stan. This morning I woke up to him wheezing extremely loud, I looked over and it was if he was sneezing, lots of fluid came out, he has made snot bubbles and his nose is so red and sore from it, almost as if he...
  2. Chocolatepiggy

    Rolo is still ill :-(

    So he is on his 3rd course of antibiotics. He had two courses of baytril and now on septrin as baytril didn't seem to work. I only have 2 doses left now of septrin and his nose is snottier than ever! So confused as to why the antibiotics aren't working? Do you think it could just be allergies...
  3. jpy3

    Sneezy, Snotty Guinea Pigs

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?, my long haired piggie has been quite unwell for the past month or so, snotty nose, sneezing, runny eyes etc, the first round of antibiotics the vets gave him did nothing and now we're coming to the end of the second lot he still isn't much...
  4. sammie123546

    Please Help, I Don't Know What Is Wrong With My Piggie!

    Hi, My 10 week old guinea pig has a snotty nose amd she sneezes a lot. She also has yellow things around her eyes? Please can someone help me as i am not sure what is wrong with her and if a vet appointment is necessary. Thanks.