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snuggle safe

  1. Beans&Toast

    Alternatives To Snugglesafe Heat Pad

    After seeing a lot of people using the Snugglesafe microwave pad I ordered one for Beans for her recovery.. but I was so disappointed with it and the pigs don't seem to like it either. :mal: It's rock solid and quite small so they can't comfortably sit/sleep on it. So I'm looking at softer and...
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Snugglesafe Heat Pad Questions

    How hot does your SnuggleSafe feel when you take it out the microwave? I followed the heating instructions for my 900wat microwave - 5 mins, but it barely felt warm, I assume this is correct and it will gradually let heat out and stay warm all night without being *hot*. When I went to put it...
  3. W

    When To Use A Snuggle Safe Heat Pad

    hi, I was wondering at what temperature at night people start to use their heat pads? I have read through lots of threads but can't see a temperature that people start to use it by? My piggies are in an outside hutch in a sheltered part of the garden and will be throughout winter. They have...