soft poo

  1. M

    Please help my piggy! X-rays for soft poops?

    Hi all, I was wondering if you guys have experienced this before. I am taking my girl Ginny to the vet on Thursday. A few months ago she was on antibiotics for a respiratory infection and her gut didn’t seem to recover. She used to have diarrhea, and now it’s just (stinky) soft poops. They’re...
  2. Amy Barton

    Soft poo after suffering from a stroke

    Hi, a week ago today our guinea pig Peppa who is 6 had a stroke which left her paralysed in her back legs and blind in both eyes. We immediately phoned our vet (who is very good with guinea pigs) and when we took her in the vet agreed that she had had a stroke but due to her age was unsure if...
  3. GirlFromMars

    Soft poos and weight loss

    One of my boys has been having poo-related issues for several weeks now and I'm at a bit of a loss what to do! Just before Christmas, we noticed a couple of soft poos in the cage, so we eased off on the veggies and hoped it was just a one-off until on the Sunday night, I went to top up their...