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soft stool

  1. D

    One pig passed away, health of other?

    This is only my second time using this website so sorry if I've posted in the wrong thread or etc (Brown pig is Bruno, the other is Oreo) Part 1 - Recently, my 6-7 year old boy, Bruno has passed away. He was perfectly fine the day before, ate veggies and hay and pellets like normal, was running...
  2. Angie2022

    Soft poop problem

    Hi! My piggies Mochi and Molly have been having soft poop for the last 2 days. Mochi has also be having teardrop shaped poop while Molly only has soft poop but look normal. They are still very active and wheek for veggies. I have been keeping them off veggies for about 24 hours. I read a lot...
  3. M

    Soft, smelly poops after death of cagemate?

    Until recently I had two guinea pig extremely bonded boars housed together, though last weekend one of them suddenly fell ill. He lost a lot of weight very quickly, was hot to touch, making pained noises, and occasionally gasping in pain. We rushed him to the vet, and were given an extensive...
  4. G

    Persistent Soft Poop/Stool! Help!

    Hi! I have two boars. Patches and Carmal. I posted another thread about this, but it has not gotten better. I’m really worried. I live in the US, so I would not be able to get fibreplex. He does not have diarrhea but both of their poops are soft. I have not taken them to the vet, since my...
  5. G

    Soft Stool/Poop

    Hi. I have two boars (Carmel and Patches) they get along fine. About a week ago I took them off veggies because of their white pee and soft poop. It was probably more than a week by now though. Right now they’re on a diet of hay, pellets, and fresh water. The soft poop has been going on...
  6. jpy3

    Sneezy, Snotty Guinea Pigs

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?, my long haired piggie has been quite unwell for the past month or so, snotty nose, sneezing, runny eyes etc, the first round of antibiotics the vets gave him did nothing and now we're coming to the end of the second lot he still isn't much...
  7. Beans&Toast

    Bloat Issues With Toast

    So on Friday I noticed that Toast was slightly bloated, her belly was a bit hard and she wasn't pooing very much. I phoned the vet so see if I should give her Emeprid (as I did last time she was bloated) but he said to give her Infacol instead for the first few days, then if it doesn't clear...
  8. Sophieismyguineapig

    Losing Weight, Plus Other Things?

    My six year old agouti, Sophie has been losing quite a bit of weight. I haven't properly weighed her, but her spine is showing and she's not as chubby as she once was. She's eating great, but she stays at her bottle almost constantly. She's also quite recently started with soft stool. The lady I...