solo pig

  1. E

    Coping until boar is neutered and can live with sows

    I just brought home a baby boar (8 weeks) to eventually live with my 2 happily bonded sows (4 months and 3 months). He is living in an "apartment" next to their cage. They are showing great signs of liking each other (visiting, grooming, and "kissing" through the bars). The boar (Edward) cries...
  2. AlohaAmy

    Bereaved piggy

    Hi, new member here. Sadly my piggie had to be put to sleep last Tuesday and she leaves behind a solo friend. They weren’t from the same litter but had lived together for three years (2 of those with a 3rd female) Getting a new/adopted guinea pig is not an option, but I want to make sure my...
  3. AdamFrench

    Taos Not Eating When Alone

    Tao was losing weight and we think it was down to the Baytril she was on We had stopped The Baytril and she began to put weight back on for 1 day. We were given Emeprid and Zantac yesterday to start on its own before the Baytril again after 24hours. Last night she had her 1st doses of Emeprid...
  4. AdamFrench

    Bereaved Piggy Losing Weight

    Hi, We lost one of your sows on Tuesday and the remaining one hasn't responded very well. She was already in for a scan which highlighted a thickened uterus wall the day after we lost Teri. She never saw Teris body as she was PTS at the vets. She was ok for the first couple of days and now...
  5. bethaleio

    To Neuter Or Not To Neuter..

    Hey guys! I will quickly tell the story of my piggy, Tumnus, and then get to the point of this thread! What would have been around 3 months ago now, there were 3 male piggies that some jerk had set loose in a field by my apartment. Tumnus was caught fairly quickly, but the other 2 were much...
  6. Celine298

    Solo Piggy

    Hey guys,I wasn't sure where to post this one so I'm going with daily care! I'm a Mum to a solo pig, Sunny. Yep, that's right, I have one boar. I know it's ideal to keep two pigs or more for company, and I'll admit I was worried as to how he would get on by himself. My intention is to wait...