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solo piggy

  1. E

    Advice on housing for cranky piggy

    Today, I went to get some new piggies for one of my boars, who recently lost his cage mates and was beginning to sink into a bit of a depression. I asked the rescue near me for the male herd who had been there the longest and was most in need of a home. I was delighted that her most needy boars...
  2. M

    Solo Guinea Pig

    Hello everyone, recently I adopted a 2 year old male Guinea Pig for the first time. I have been told by the place I adopted him from that ever since he was a baby he would constantly fight with other Guinea Pigs, both from his previous owner and Guinea Pigs at the adoption centre. He is very...
  3. bethaleio

    To Neuter Or Not To Neuter..

    Hey guys! I will quickly tell the story of my piggy, Tumnus, and then get to the point of this thread! What would have been around 3 months ago now, there were 3 male piggies that some jerk had set loose in a field by my apartment. Tumnus was caught fairly quickly, but the other 2 were much...
  4. Celine298

    Solo Piggy

    Hey guys,I wasn't sure where to post this one so I'm going with daily care! I'm a Mum to a solo pig, Sunny. Yep, that's right, I have one boar. I know it's ideal to keep two pigs or more for company, and I'll admit I was worried as to how he would get on by himself. My intention is to wait...