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sore eye

  1. M

    Concern about eye

    I just recently discovered today that my pet guinea pig's eye is cloudy with a possibly small sore on the corner of his eyeballs. It was completely fine yesterday, so finding him with his eye in this condition is really shocking. I've checked online and most answers say he has hay in his eye...
  2. L

    Guniea Pig Eye Rupture?

    My pig, Harry, has something wrong with his eye. I've done so much research and I cant seem to ifnd out what is wrong. I dont have enough money to take him to the vet until Friday but i dont think he will last that long. His eye is pertruding out of his skull, its red, swollen, and watery. My...
  3. Megannah

    My Piggies Eyes Receding

    Hi, I've literally just noticed my1 year old male pig franklins eye is very bad, he has a long fringe that dangles in front of one eye so I couldn't see it but when I picked him up to stroke him i noticed his eye was half closed and he couldn't open it I gently had a look at it and it looks like...
  4. T

    My Guinea Pig Has Something Wrong With Her Eye

    My Guinea pig is 6 years old this has only appeared today and she's never had it before, she has the vets tomorrow but I just wondered if anyone knew what it was? I'm very worried about her.
  5. HenryRalph

    Very Sore Swollen Eye

    hey everyone, I'm so worried about Henry.. This morning he was absolutely fine and I've come back this evening and got him out for a cuddle and his eye is completely swollen and closed, it looks so so sore. To start with he seemed a bit lifeless but I'm not sure if that's because he is just...