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sow herd

  1. E

    The Dax Piggies 💕

    Hello all 😄 I've decided to start a bit of a herd thread, mostly because I have some little stories to tell of my silly little friends. I have 6 guinea pigs at the moment, the most I've ever had at once. They mostly live in large homemade pens, though one boar prefers solitude and lives in a...
  2. Hnrpiggies

    Someone on the Guinea pigs Facebook page said this hutch was suitable for four sows, is this true?

    Hi. I’ve got four girls. They’re currently in a 5ft hutch with two floors and it’s too small for them and I hate it. My parents decided to take down my 3x4 cc cage and stick them back in the hutch without telling me because they didn’t like how much space it took up, and they are redecorating...
  3. Pumpkin&Spice

    Sow herd troubles - any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!

    Hi there! I was wondering whether anyone might have any advice about a situation I’ve run into with my herd of sow piggies... I’ll give a bit of background info first! So a couple of weeks ago I adopted two young sows (6 and 4 months) who were already part of a group, to see whether they would...
  4. lovewalkedby

    New Guinea Pig(s)?

    i have had my sow, amy, for four years now and sadly she has been kept alone for two years. i have never tried resocializing her after my last sow, cookie, passed away (two years ago). the reason i haven’t tried pairing her up isn’t because she seems rude or i believe she wouldn’t do well with...
  5. Piggielover333

    Fighting Started

    I have four female pigs and they are 20 weeks (dominant piggy), 16 weeks, 16 weeks, and 10 weeks. Just a couple minutes ago my one 16 week pig, and the dominant piggy started lunging at one another and mildly fighting (no blood drawn or need for me to separate because it only lasted a second at...
  6. kyliebowers

    Thoughts On Cage Design & Dimensions For 4 Sows

    Hi! I'm planning a new cage and would love to hear your thoughts on my plan for it. I'm particularly interested in how happy four sows would be with this much space. I've done a little sketch showing the dimesions. If my workings are correct, the pigs would have 1.4 sq m which I believe is...