sows dominance

  1. P

    Sister pigs no longer friends

    Hey there, I am having trouble with my 2 sows Lumi and Frosty. They are sisters and I adopted them as babies, when they became teens they decided that Frosty was the dominant sow and things were peaceful unless Frosty was in season and would bully Lumi a little (just chasing and nose punching...
  2. plantandpiggiemom

    Barbering sow with rising aggression over being near other sow

    Hello, a few weeks ago I posted on here because of rumble-strutting and super territorial behavior in one of our adolescent sows towards the other. We have two girls in the proper sized cage, with three kinds of hides that have multiple entrances, 3 hay feeding areas, 2 water bottles, chews...
  3. cashewandpeppa

    Teeth grinding at cagemate

    My two girls Cashew and Peppa have been bonded for almost one year now. Peppa has been boss pig since day 1, and she is a serious boss - stronger dominance than I’ve seen in most boars. Cashew is super content as lowest pig and never challenges Peppa, ever. Needed context: The two of them are...