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  1. C

    Guinea pig not eating after being spayed

    Hi, My Guinea pig Daisy is 5 years old and 6 days ago she was spayed due to recommendations from vet because of hormonal changes. She hadn’t returned to her usual eating/ behaviour after a couple days so on the follow up appointment we expressed these concerns and was told it can be normal and...
  2. 2guineapigs

    2 Boys 1 Girl in same cage?

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I'm struggling to find the answer to. I read that it is highly discouraged for a female guinea pig to live with 2 unneutered male guinea pigs as if the female were to pregnant, it would cause a lot of problems. However, my boys are just older than 4 (meaning...
  3. mochalily2020

    Neuter and cage mates

    Hi everyone! Our young boar is due to be neutered next week. I was wondering if he can be returned to the same cage as our two females (the two girls are spayed) immediately or if I should give it some time? Thank you all
  4. gigilover123

    Female guinea pig bleeding after being spayed 2 weeks ago?

    Hello, I got my guinea pig gigi march 7th, and she was pregnant with one pup who got stuck and had to be surgically removed, when the vet finished she spayed gigi as well. I gave gigi antibiotics for about 5-6 days and her wound is completely healed, and until tonight there was no prior...
  5. A

    Spayed/neutered combos?

    Hi all! I am wondering if anyone has ever had any success with certain combinations of guinea pig bonding/living. We have 2 young boys (Darth Sidious "Sid" and Chewbaca "Chewie"). Currently, we are not looking to expand our herd, but looking at all those unwanted piggies on craigslist makes my...
  6. S

    Can I Adopt Two New Spayed Sows For The Two Non-neutered Boars I Already Have?

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post so bare with me if I posted in the wrong section. So I already have two boars, Mr. Waffles and Pollo, and I bought them both at a pet store. I didn't know any better, at that point, I didn't even know you could adopt or rescue a guinea pig, much less...