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  1. Shannon R

    New heart failure :(

    My 6 year old guinea stopped eating yesterday and looked short of breath. We took him to the vet and he had bilateral pulmonary edema. The vet said likely heart failure and he was started on lasix 4mg every 12 hours and antibiotics Baytril just in case. She did not think we would be alive in two...
  2. Zelsi

    Specialist Monty Is At The Emergency Vet - Please Help!

    I took Monty to the vet yesterday for a CT scan to find out what was causing his mysterious "hooting" and wheezing noises when breathing. A few hours after coming home he clearly wasn't okay. I took him back again last night and they found he had gut stasis and some bloat from not eating...
  3. Zelsi

    Breathing Problems, Bloat - Critical Condition

    Hi Everyone If there is anyone who has been in a similar situation PLEASE reply to me. I am pretty desperate and being realistic my guinea pig might not make it this weekend. I have an Abyssinian guinea pig (2.5 years old) called Trevor. I noticed he was breathing harder on Thursday and...
  4. CraigGlasgow

    Reccomend Vets In Glasgow?

    Hey all, Have been taking Weasley to Albavet in Dennistoun for his issues as they're right round the corner and the vets seem fairly piggy savvy. However they now say they've surpassed all their knowledge on how to treat him as his gassy tummy/bloat and UTI seem to be neverending. They...