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spot cleaning

  1. Danielle Smith

    How To Spot Clean Bedding (megazorb/shavings/carefresh)

    I'm used to having my lot on fleece, but since the baby boars have been separated from mum they've been in a Ferplast 120 with Megazorb. How does one "spot clean" this type of bedding? The "poo picking" I'm used to is almost impossible! The options I see are: Scoop out the most heavily-used...
  2. Molly Isabella

    Cage Cleaning Routine

    Hello! So, I'm currently sorting out a new cleaning schedule as my current one has just not been working for me. (I have a secret addiction to planning routines after routines lol) I'd love to know your routines and how often you clean your piggies out etc. xoxo