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spot on

  1. Celine298

    Ivermectin - Topical Treatment

    Hey guys, I'm about to do a spot-on treatment on my piggies for mange mites/lice. I have the Ivermectin, I've got my dosages all sorted out and ready to go, my only question is placement. I've administered topical spot-on treatments to cats and dogs in the past, and it was always put on the...
  2. paulalovespiggies

    Temporary Separation & Reintroducing...

    Hi everyone, My 2 guinea pigs always got along perfectly fine. One has been sick (Pig) and can't move much, so i separated them for about a month over the summer because I was scared the non sick one (Percy) was too boisterous, Pig was squealing a lot and I was worried he could be getting...