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sprained leg

  1. L

    URGENT. Please advise on 6 week old baby piggy MEDICAL.

    Hello, Today my 6 week old guinea pig suddenly started limping in morning front left foot. We went to the vet and they said XRAY shows the humerus and long bones are good, but hard to see the wrist bones, likely a sprain, (gave Gabapentin) and small cage rest separate from his 2 brothers (6...
  2. K

    Guinea pig injured leg

    I noticed my youngest girl Evie was limping yesterday and holding up her back leg. I checked and couldn’t feel any obvious breaks or swelling. As the vet was closed yesterday and today, and she was eating, drinking and behaving normally I decided to keep an eye on her for the time being. Switch...
  3. ailedo

    HELP! Sprained guinea pig

    Two days ago, my guinea pig's (F) foot got stuck in between the cage bars. Now she's limping and holding it up whenever she lies down. I think it's a sprain because she can still put some weight on it without crying out and when I checked it, it didn't seem to have any broken bones nor looked...