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spring greens

  1. Siikibam

    Corn Husks And Spring Greens

    The boys’ grandma saved them some corn husks and I’m wondering how often they can eat it. And how can I ‘preserve’ it? Also I just read spring greens shouldn’t be given daily, yet I’m sure someone said you can! Now I don’t know what to feed them if spring greens aren’t allowed daily. TIA
  2. Celine298

    Fresh Grass

    Having grown up on a farm here in Ireland, I know more about grass than most cows do! All the piggy owners in Ireland and England will be delighted to know that the "fresh growth" has started! You can give your pigs grass from a safe garden/field any time of the year really, but it tastes...
  3. Kay Kelly

    Spring Greens Calcium Content?

    Hi First post to gpforum! Had pigs through my child hood and early twenties had no uti problems. Got my two babies a month ago. kreacher (ul get the name if your a harry potter fan lol) was passing blood two days ago and in pain, pet has prescribed pain killers and antibiotics. He's on the...