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  1. EdvnFvrm

    Raspy Wheaks

    Hi hi! My 4 month old girl, Café, her wheaks got noticeably raspy/not crisp+sharp one morning after rescuing her from her head getting stuck in a toilet paper tube. She was screaming a lot, so I wasn’t sure if it was because of that. Her wheaks stayed raspy from then on. I listened to her...
  2. kerry3383

    What does this noise mean?

    For some context: this is my 1yo male guinea pig who I just rehomed 3 weeks ago with his brother! In the video I was holding him and petting him and he was making these noises? Not sure if they’re happy or annoyed squeaks? I think annoyed? He seemed to squeak specifically when I petted his back...
  3. Stevenxxx

    Quiet High Pitched Squeak

    it's probably nothing and I'm just being stupid lol but sometimes I hear one of my Guinea pigs randomly make a quiet high pitched squeak. It happens so randomly and I think the reason I'm worrying is because it sounds sad but it's probably nothing? What could it mean?