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squeaking when pooping

  1. Jemmalnorris

    Struggles and squeaks when going to the toilet!

    Hi everyone, I’m writing this post about my gorgeous guinea pig jasper. He is just over one and has been suffering for 6 months with an illness which I am struggling to finding answers to. He has always been (and still is) a very happy guinea pig, eats and drink’s constantly, runs around with...
  2. Puddles1999

    Squeaking while pooping & Soft poops

    Hi! The other night I noticed Minnie squeaking/almost like straining while she was pooping. I immediately got her out and her poops were very soft. They weren’t shaped at all and (this is gross) but really sticky since they were so soft. I massaged her belly, have been giving her gripe water as...
  3. Ivy_and_Luna

    Very small poops and constant squeaking

    My Guinea pig in the last few months has been squeaking more often when pooping, and she did have blood in her stool but the vet said it could just be an infection. I don’t see anymore blood but since that visit she has been squeaking constantly, and her poops are very thin. On top of that she...
  4. lilpumpkamo

    Urine cleared up Cystease, but now painful pooing

    Hello, I wanted to follow up on my previous post with updates and new questions. Firstly, in addition to Kaylors .1 mL of antibiotics (Enrofloxacin) in the morning and 0.15 mL of metacam twice daily (although I have given her a little more (0.2 mL when things were bad), I started giving her...
  5. Xmolxlie

    Diarrhoea and wheeking when going to the toilet

    Hi everyone! My guinea pig Kovu has been undergoing treatment for a UTI, she’s been on loxicom and cystophan for a few weeks now, had to cancel my vet follow up visit Saturday as I’d come down with a cold, and with the current pandemic didn’t want to risk making anyone sick, and Kovu has been...
  6. jesse1234

    Bladder stones? Maybe?

    Hey, so I'm in a weird spot right now. I haven't been able to be home with my pigs because somebody in my household has covid and I was the only one who wasn't in the house when it happened. Where I'm staying there isn't room for the pigs, so my sisters been caring for them. Technically 2/3 pigs...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Steve toileting troubles AGAIN

    Seems like everyone of my pets is giving me a little moment during lockdown. First Bigwig (who is still with us bless him and seen a vet so got some answers now thank god), Steve with a minor case of bloat which he's had before (was all fluid), my new dog (vomited 8X in span of 15 mins) and my...
  8. antonianicoleee

    Pain When Pooping :(

    Hi everyone. This is my first post so I’m hopefully doing this correct. I had two guinea babies, one sadly passed away from pneumonia/chest infection just over a month ago. Her sister, Poppy, has pretty much all her life had blood in her wee. She’s almost 4. This hasn’t been constant, but it...
  9. L

    Poorly Piggy

    Hi, I have a young guinea pig that I foolishly got from a breeder (there's a story behind it but that's not why I'm here) I have another piggy so frosty the new new piggy has been in quarantine. He began to develop scabs and was diagnosed with mites. The vets gave him some drops last Friday and...
  10. Mrs Guinea Pig

    Female Cyclic Problem - Piggy Poops Getting Stuck And Jaw Trouble

    Hi there. Frankie is a sow who is about 2. We've spent over £1000 on different vets for her, including exotic specialists and they don't have a clue. She was a rescue pig and when we got nearly two years ago she was very small and had little hard poops. we were told she was the runt of a litter...