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squinting eye

  1. D

    Squinting eyes

    Hello, just wanted to write on here to see if anyone else has dealt with the similar. I have 3 little sisters, only 15 weeks old. Petal has been squinting her eyes (quite badly at some points) when eating. We went to the vets on Wednesday and the vet checked inside her mouth, eyes and listened...
  2. @the3piggies

    piggy squinting eye

    hi all! i noticed today that cookie has been squinting one of her eyes a lot and it looks a little pink. i put pictures of the eye shes squinting and her other eye at the same time. anyone know if this is bad and if so what the problem is? thanks :)
  3. Jumpman

    New Owner, Genuinely Concerned about 1 of 2 new Piggies. Squinting/Sneezing occasionally.

    Hi Everyone. I've just purchased my first two g-piggies :p I've been very excited about their new presence in my home and have been bothering them a little too much (taking lots of flash-free pics, videos, and just talking and throwing hay into cage. I've taken them out a few times to explore my...
  4. clawsboo

    Squinty Eye?

    so my new guinea, albert, has a bit of a squinty eye. the person at the pet store said he was about 4 weeks old. he has his own cage away from my other girls. i’m very worried because he has one squinty eye and there’s a bit of light yellow gunk coming out. the other eye is completely fine. he...
  5. Mariam

    Squinting Eye?

    Hi! I got my first new guinea pig for my 14th birthday yesterday, and he's really cute and I really love him! This morning there was pee and poo kinda all over the bottom (main part) of his cage, so I obviously started to clean it up. So I picked him up while he was inside of his hut (I didn't...