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  1. M

    Mail stamps

    Today I sent a package off in the post box as you do, with one thing missing completely forgot the stamp! Please tell me it’ll still get sent off ?
  2. Kallasia

    I'm Dreaming Of A Piggy Christmas...

    Yes I know it's October :P But, look what I got from the amazing BooBoo and Ted - Home Stampers all christmas-y and piggy themed! And, a load of confetti to sprinkle inside the presents I wrap! We're having a guinea pig themed Christmas this year!
  3. Kallasia

    Guinea Pig Stamp! And Confetti!

    So I ordered a wooden backed rubber stamp from BooBoo & Ted and it arrived today! I'm so happy with it - and there was guinea pig confetti in the box! xD What a good way to start a monday morning! Today is a good day!