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  1. Honey-Claw

    Please Help! Guinea pig starving

    I am the proud mama of seven piggies. We get our hay through chewy.com and order the 50 lb box of oxbow hay. Last order was horrible, hay was dried out, very stiff and hard, had no scent and the pets didn’t seem to like it. I had nothing else I could give them at that time and I thought all of...
  2. J

    Specialist Guinea Pig Suddenly Won't Eat Her Food

    One year ago, we adopted two guinea pig sisters we named Nora and Beryl. They are almost 2 years old, sotheir still young piggies. These two sisters have markedly different personalities; Nora is confident, fiesty, bold, chubby, and whole-heartedly in love with food. Beryl, on the other hand, is...