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  1. J

    worried about my boy with GI Stasis

    Hi all, hoping for some help/advice if anybody has any, or know what to expect! My piggie (male) has GI stasis, he was taken to the vet on Wednesday and was given gut stimulant medicine, painkillers and a gut stimulating ‘rescue remedy’ type thing. We’ve been giving that to him, but not seeing...
  2. R

    Kidneys? Heart? Help

    Hi, I have an approx 6 yo gpig who has lived with me for 4.5 years. She has been extremely healthy. Over the course of a week she went off pellets and hay, then gradually stopped all veg. My (supposedly) cavy savvy vet thinks X-rays show kidney disease, enlarged heart, either cancer/pneumonia...
  3. frankiethepiggie

    Baytril leading to Stasis?

    Hello, I’m finally joining on the forum. I’m eighteen with one piggy, Frank. He had a cage mate named George who passed away a little over a year ago. Frank’s now turning five in June. I had some questions about an antibiotic I’ve used a few times for my other pig a few years ago. My current pig...
  4. Blobfish

    Serious Gut Stasis

    Hi everyone, I have a very poorly piggy (currently at the vets), and I'm really hoping for some advice. I have a piggy who is very bloat prone, and has been all his life (so were his brothers- I think perhaps it was a genetic problem). Anyway, I would say this pig has had bloat/ stasis around...