static mites

  1. Hollie85

    Mite shampoo

    Hi everyone What are the best and most effective shampoos for static mites and where to buy them? Any other advice greatly appreciated 🥰 Thanks in advance Hollie
  2. J

    Help! Hay mites won't leave my piggies alone :(

    Hello everyone, Sorry this is a long one, I feel like I've spent so much time trying to find a straight up answer on how to sort this. I have two beautiful boars Jasper and Gowther, after bringing them home I noticed that they had black specks in their fur, did a bit of googling and came to...
  3. adussiaQ

    Static lice / hay mites in young boar!

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my new piggy for just over a week now and today I saw he has static lice! Everyone keeps recommending the “lice and easy” shampoo but he is only 7 weeks old and the shampoo shouldn’t be used on piggies under the age of 12 weeks... what else can I use to get rid of...
  4. A

    Can’t get rid of static mites

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and wanted to create a post to seek help regarding my piggie, Ralph. He has had these tiny dots in his fur for almost a year now. I believe they are static mites, as they do not appear to move and are not causing hair loss/skin problems. However, Ralph is constantly...