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  1. K

    Strange Poop After Bloat/colic

    Hi all, A few days ago my piggie Chewy stopped eating and was super lethargic, and I noticed he was pooping very infrequently but when he did it looked normal. I took him to the vet and she said he had colic/bloat, so now he has been on Metoclopramide (for gut peristalsis), Metacam (for pain)...
  2. BenjiAndButtons

    Continued Health Issues

    Hi Guys, I have two 2 year old boars. One of them has had a few issues lately. He was acting strange and had a slight interest in food but couldn't seem to eat, we thought it may be his teeth but after a trip to the vets, she decided he had a temp and possible tummy bug, he was given baytril...