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  1. Adelyn

    Clover and Stella have finally taken to floor time

    Today I got Clover and Stella's floor time area all set up and let down the ramp of their cage. I called to them and Stella hopped right out down the ramp, then ran over to the pile of veggies in the middle of their floor time area. Like normal, she noticed that Clover wasn't there and scampered...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Steve in his new mansion

    Well guys I have finally gone and done it! After fighting with the correx😂 the cage is now made! 🤩🥳🥳 The boys weren’t in tiny cages to begin with, but I have always wanted a C and C-purely because they seem so much more open and can be made to whatever shape you want. I have held back from...
  3. Kallasia

    Thief? Perhaps "opportunist"

    It was a floortime like any other - bedroom door closed, pet gate across stairs, pigs have free roaming throughout the upstairs. It all began when they came charging into our 2nd bedroom (which is now a boardgaming room!) like they normally do. After playing "Where the hell have the pigs...
  4. Gia

    Love Is In The Eye Pt. 1

    This is the story I wrote for writing class. Not that great, but I thought I would share it. This is only part one. Too many characters! Day 1 We were rescued. From the mud, the water, and from the rain. From the terrible place we called home. Brother and I survived as some of the only...