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strange noise

  1. Xmolxlie

    Guinea pig jumping out of arms

    Hi, I have two new baby Guinea pigs (the lady i adopted them from said she believed they were 10-12 weeks old) that I’m currently going through the bonding process with to bond them with my recently bereaved older piggy. After today’s bonding session I had moved the babies temporary cage onto...
  2. -ray-of-sunshine-

    Strange noise?

    My 4 year old female guinea pig has been making this noise recently, especially at nighttime. She hasn’t shown any signs of stopping the noise, but is eating and drinking fine and seems active. Anyone experienced this noise before who could help me out?
  3. T

    Constant Grunting?

    Hi, My 4 y/o piggie Hazel has a huge tumour which she's had for two years, so she's on painkillers twice a day and she's a very busy, happy pig. This morning we noticed she's making a constant grunting noise and we were concerned she might be in pain so we took her to the vets. It was a...
  4. Flannery

    Guinea Pig Breathing Noise

    Last night when I was giving my guinea pigs their veggies I noticed one of my pigs was making a strange noise. It sounded like a strange breathing noise, and it was fairly loud. It wasn't really a wheezing noise, but almost like a grunt or something was in her throat. The next morning she was...
  5. BenjiAndButtons

    Echo Location.

    Everyones heard a dolphin or whale echo location i assume... I'm pretty sure barney just made the same sound in his cage. His buddy lives above him, but seperated cause of fighting, so could he be trying to located him? My only other theory, and i dont know which is creepier is that I (Barney's...
  6. Robynnlouu

    Strange Sucking/clicking Sound.

    hi guys! So this morning my piggy wheezy made a very odd sound. Its hard to describe but its almost like a clucking/sucking sound. He done it three times in roughly 5 mins and it was like a short burst only a second long, if that but quite loud. I may be a little paranoid as one of my...
  7. blacklegkat

    My Piggy Is Making A Strange 'popping' Noise

    Hello! I am in quite a panic at the moment. My piggy Asterix has always had problems with his voice - he can squeak but for the most part he seems to grunt. Just now, I went to give him a cuddle when I heard a strange noise coming from him - sort of this low popping sound, almost like when you...