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  1. CinnamonSwirl

    Sudden Guinea Pig Death, Please help! :(

    Sudden guinea pig death, I need to solve a sad mystery! :// I didn’t know whether to put this in the bereavement section or this section, but it was more about my guinea pigs health, So recently I have been having trouble with my money and i’ll have to admit i wasn’t giving them their full...
  2. R

    Guinea Pig Making Weird Gurgling Noises?

    My three year old guinea pig just started making some odd noises about five minutes ago. It sounded like his stomach was grumbling but he's never made noises like this before. When I walked up to his cage to investigate he made an odd whining noise. I assumed that he was hungry so I gave him...
  3. Stevenxxx

    Strange Noises

    my Guinea pig keeps making a weird noise that sounds like a very loud cough/sneeze/ heave and he does it a couple times a day what does it mean ?
  4. F

    Mysterious Death

    Hi everyone, Basically I'm a New Guinea pig owner but I found tonight that one of pigs had died. Literally a few hours ago she was fine, weeking at me whenever I walked in the room. Sorry if this is a bit much info but I picked up and she was cold, but still loose, very floppy. The disturbing...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Not Too Sure What To Do...

    I was outside in the garden getting some grass for the pigs when this big beautiful thing came bopping up to me... I do not own a rabbit.:blink: He was quite happily digging away at my garden. I have no idea who he belongs to as none of my neighbours have a rabbit ( I've just went round and...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Fluff Ball Pigs..

    So I've noticed that when my two pigs are eating their veg, they fluff themselves up so they look huge... I've tried to get a picture but they move every time I try.. Never see them doing it any other time. Very peculiar. Is there a reason for this or are they just a bit odd? :P
  7. Stevenxxx

    Strange Noise

    my Guinea pig every now and then is making this weird noise which sounds like a sort of sneeze/cough and I don't know what it means if it's any help I just gave him a bath to clean his grease gland so I don't know if it could be something to do with that. Again it sounds like a coughing sneeze ...
  8. amzybabes

    Strange Noise - Possibly Wheezing?

    My guinea pig has suddenly (today) started making a strange noise that I haven't heard before. It's somewhere between a wheezing/rattling/grinding noise. I went to give her some fresh hay this morning. She appeared to be eating something and I heard a noise that sounded like she was crunching...
  9. Little Ones

    Strange Noises When Cleaning?

    Ive been meaning to join this website for a while but every issue I've had with my piggies has been resolved but not this one, I'm unsure about a noise my guinea pigs are making when they clean themselves. It's kind of like a bubbling noise but it's not, it's hard to explain, first only Honey...