streptoccocal pneumonia

  1. raining.ashes

    Please Help, Guinea Pig Head Tilting!

    Hi, so my 2 month old guinea pig has been sneezing alot, and was recently diagnosed with a bacterial infection. The vet that I go to has run multiple tests, and so far her explanations of the tests have said that the bacteria is antibiotic resistant, but beyond that she has been very vague and...
  2. raining.ashes

    Supplements//Boosy Immune System

    Hi, I have 2 sick (the vet originally said they had pneumonia but she has been unclear recently if that is still the case) guinea pigs (1 of which is nursing) and because they are both under a year the vet says that the antibiotics to treat their illnesses are unsafe for them. While the vet and...
  3. raining.ashes

    Sneezing/pneumonia/lousy vet

    So far I have spent nearly twelve hundred dollars at this vet's office trying to clear my two guinea pigs of what the vet said was streptoccal pneumonia. She also said the tests claimed the bacteria was tested not to be resisted to the antibiotics she gave me. After two rounds of antibiotics in...
  4. raining.ashes

    Specialist Nursing Guinea Pig & Sneezing & Pneumonia

    2 months ago, my friend's guinea pig gave birth to three little cavies. My friend could no longer care for them, so I took in the mother and one of the daughters. Two months later, it turns out, my friend did not seperate the mother and father in time and now I have 4 baby guinea pigs as well...