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  1. Jesspiggies

    3 Sows: Tips To Help Bonding

    Hi guys, I had one sow (Berry, around 6 years old) originally and 2 days ago I took in two young sows (pumpkin, and Wednesday, both around 6 months old) So basically, when they were first out together they were wonderful, they were eating together on neutral surroundings. I had a couple of...
  2. Paigeemariee

    New Piggie In The Mix

    a couple months ago I introduced a younger piggie that I adopted into my cage with my two other piggies (after quarantine and washing their cage of course), one of the older pigs (Burro) was chasing her around nipping at her (the younger one) causing a scene which was normal, after two days they...
  3. A

    2 Out Of 4 Pigs Died In The Last Two Months...help!

    Back in the beginning of November I got 4 guinea pigs. One was from someone off of Craigslist, his name was Sammy. I got 3 others from a rescue, their names were Bram, Candy Corn, and Mr. Clean. All males. Within the first week and a half, Sammy died. We later learned that Sammy wasn't 2 years...
  4. hzlhrst

    Racing Stripes

    My baby boars have easily slipped into their dominant and submissive roles, Hannibal is very content to let Batista climb on him and generally take charge and assert himself, and Batista loves being the top dog. They also seem to be very good at sharing, they like to sleep together and...
  5. Brandy

    Submissive Guinea Pig Now Wants To Be Dominant

    I have two female guinea pigs. When I first introduced them to each other, it was pretty clear that CC was the dominant guinea pig and Poppy was the submissive one. They have been getting along up until a couple of days ago when Poppy started to express dominance towards CC. Both of them have...