sudden fighting

  1. Bayberrybae

    My two girls who have loved each other forever suddenly hate each other after trying a new cage setup ..

    Hi again! You may have seen my post earlier today about my girl Zuma being spooked. The situation has now gotten a bit weirder, and I’m genuinely confused .. So if you’d like to give your two cents, please read ! Zuma and Ruby have been together for 6 months, totally fine, no complications...
  2. A

    2 Male Guinea Pigs, 1 New Male! Help!

    Hey! So me & my girlfriend rescued a guinea pig last year from a local SPCA. (His name is Felix). He was only 2 months old, and about a month after getting him we decided to get another. So we got Hammy, a 3 month old. We followed every step to introduce them, and only after a couple of days of...
  3. S

    Two Females Fighting I’m Heartbroken!

    Ok so I have had one female for about 8 months and a month ago got another young female for her. Fina is about 9 months old and Phoebe is about 3 months. I introduced the correctly on neutral grounds a few times before housing they together. Fina immediately established herself as the dominant...