1. Totts

    Not eating caecotrophs - a tip

    Hi, so my neutered male didn't suffer from impaction, but this tip might help anybody with boars who are. My boy had arthritis and a mass in the vicinity of his kidney. One day he just randomly stopped keeping his boy bits clean and about 10 months later he stopped eating his poop (however his...
  2. Flinty

    Glucosamine for bladder advice

    Hey all, I know there have been threads on here previously, but just wanted to clarify :) I have a 1 1/2 year old sow who I'm pretty sure is having bladder problems and would like to give her some long term help. I've read that glucosamine can help so would love advice on quantities and which...
  3. raining.ashes

    Supplements//Boosy Immune System

    Hi, I have 2 sick (the vet originally said they had pneumonia but she has been unclear recently if that is still the case) guinea pigs (1 of which is nursing) and because they are both under a year the vet says that the antibiotics to treat their illnesses are unsafe for them. While the vet and...