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surgery aftercare

  1. K

    How to prevent another bladder stone

    my 4 year old female guinea pig has had a problem with sludge in her urine for about four months now. the vet injected her with fluids for five consecutive days and that got the sludge completely out. since that time, I have only been giving her bottled water, have switched to a low calcium...
  2. C

    Not recovering from bladder stone surgery

    Hi everyone, I posted recently our turmoil on if we should take our boy for bladder surgery or not, having discovered he had stones about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately he became quite obviously poorly on Monday, (he was managing happily with meds until then) and we ended up taking him for an...
  3. Suki&Indie

    Conflicted on neutering

    Hi all! I think at this point I’ve managed to read about 100 articles/stories/threads on boar neutering and I’m still very conflicted. For background I rescued a lovely little boar who was found on the side of the road (someone had literally thrown him out) so he was definitely an unexpected...
  4. PheiChi

    (Informative) Bone fracture

    Hello! 🐹🐻☁️🐨 I just wanted to post this here and hope it will be helpful to someone, since I didn’t find anything about this issue before! :3 A week ago, my black abby Pearlo had a bone fracture. ): The humerus was fractured. It probably happened when I was letting him down. Talking to the...