1. Lsharples

    Swiss Guinea Pig Care

    Hey! I'm getting two young Swiss Guinea Pigs at the end of the week and I've never owned a long hair Piggie before, obviously they aren't as long haired as say a Peruvian but just a question to those who have Swiss Piggies, what do you recommend as for grooming for them? Just basic daily...
  2. Sach15

    My 4 Littl Girlies

    all my girls are ex-breeders that we rescued. I have 3 Swiss's and 1 self. Pink eyed White Swiss is called Olive, the torteshell Swiss is called Martha, the ginger and white Swiss is called Elsie and the lilac self is called Violet. They range from 1 year old to 2.5 years old
  3. W

    Help Swiss And/or Rex Guinea Pigs Required Urgently!

    Hello, My 2 daughters and I were due to pick up our 3 female guinea pigs last week but due to extenuating circumstances of the breeder we cannot have them anymore. My daughters are devastated, well so am I! The whole of their summer holidays has been spent choosing them and getting ready for...