swollen eye

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    My Guinea Pig's eye is swollen and some discharge is there.

    I got my new Guinea pigs few days back. One is way too shy and other way too playful.Yesterday the playful one got some swelling around its and is squinting one of its eye so we cleaned that eye hoping it would get better but today I noticed some cloudiness/greyness in its eye. There aren't any...
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    Guniea Pig Eye Rupture?

    My pig, Harry, has something wrong with his eye. I've done so much research and I cant seem to ifnd out what is wrong. I dont have enough money to take him to the vet until Friday but i dont think he will last that long. His eye is pertruding out of his skull, its red, swollen, and watery. My...
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    Help Please!

    So about two months ago, someone gave me a guinea pig because he was being mistreated where he lived and after a few days of having him, I noticed his right eye was swollen and sunken so I took him to the vet and he gave me eye drops and told me to use them for a week but it never got better and...
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    My Guinea Pig Has Something Wrong With Her Eye

    My Guinea pig is 6 years old this has only appeared today and she's never had it before, she has the vets tomorrow but I just wondered if anyone knew what it was? I'm very worried about her.