swollen toe

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    Swollen Paw

    I have a Guinea Pig which has a swollen paw on it's front right paw. Its nail either fell off or it somehow grew shorter. It was completely covered in blood. The guinea pig however doesn't look like it's having a problem walking on it. This was my first time having a guinea pig and I am very...
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    Swollen toe

    I just rescued 2 piggies from a home where they were not taken care of in November. Their nails were very long so I clipped them. I still noticed a while later that one of their nails (Brownie) were still very long in the back, so I went to clip them again, his nails are brown, and hit his...
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    Swollen Toe

    Hi all, I need some advice. My skinny pig, Snowflake, has had a swollen toe for 2 weeks now. When I saw that it was swollen, I immediately started on Betadine soaks and antibiotic cream. It got much better and then last Saturday night when I checked on him it was quite a bit worse. I got a vet...