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  1. mordeandrigs

    Black Mold Exposure?

    I had made another thread asking for help about some of the strange behaviors and symptoms I was seeing in my 2 boars the past few weeks, which goes a lot more in depth on everything that’s been going on. Since that thread, my quarterly inspection at my apartment done by maintenance found what...
  2. Lunapxggies

    Old girl

    Another post about my old girl. She is losing hair around her legs like right on her ‘thighs’ and i’ve noticed her butt seems to have a lot of poo residue on it even though her poo has been solid. Is this just another sign she is getting old (she’s pushing on eight this year) or could she be...
  3. B&C

    Recovering From Uri

    Hello fellow guinea pig owners! Unfortunately, I need to take my baby boy Blinkee to the vet later on today because he is experiencing symptoms of a URI. :( (His symptoms: less appetite, no pooing and no peeing, puffed up coat, and he is sitting in a hunched position in his cage most of the...
  4. Mungojerrie05

    Losing A Best Friend/pet Death Diagnosis

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here but today I have spent a large time reading different threads about your beautiful guineas. I'm really sad to say that today I lost one of the most gorgeous, kind natured animals I've ever had the privilege to own. Words cannot express the pain I feel at...