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  1. corvidae

    How much water is too much?

    My 6.5 year old guinea pig Lola has recently become obsessed with drinking water from a 1 mL syringe. A week ago, she was sick for 24 hours - weak and unable to walk, and pooping very little (this has happened to her a few times before, vet could not figure out what was wrong). During that time...
  2. Wetherill

    Aspiration scare

    My Lionel is on liquid methimazole for his hyperthyroidism. He gets .25 cc twice per day. I have lost a guinea pig to aspiration pneumonia before, so I am extremely careful when administering anything to him. I do the inside of the cheek probably a little closer to his lips than logical, because...
  3. h.h.lovecraft

    My guinea pigs hate being touched ever since I started giving them medicine :(

    My 8-9 week old guinea pigs came with a lot of sicknesses. They have ringworm, a cold, and both have bladder issues. The vet treats them for ringworm once a week, which they hate and scream extremely loud like they are dying, but they bounce back pretty quickly when I get them home. They are on...
  4. nyutacom03

    Do I have to discard a syringe after one dose of medicine?

    Hi! I have a guinea pig on 4 different things given to us by our vet and they gave us 4 syringe, can I dedicate one syringe to one medicine or do I have to keep buying them? My vet didn't comment on what I asked so I'm here asking for advice!
  5. Jasmined

    Baytril & syringe help - desperate!

    I’m desperately looking for more advice on how to get my girls to accept a syringe / Baytril. I’ve tried lots of different tips from here like wrapping in towel, different holding techniques to keep her still, dipping in food, on food, mixed with ribena etc etc Each day passes she’s on Baytril...
  6. P

    Won't let go of syringe

    Hi everyone! So my guinea pig has gone on medicine that I have to give to her in a syringe. She loves the taste of medicine and will not let go of the syringe and I often find myself fighting with her for it which can't be good for her neck (She is six years old and ridiculously strong). I have...
  7. basicpiggies

    Giving A New Guinea Pig Medicine

    Hi. I’m taking one of my new guinea pigs to the vet because I suspect she may have a URI. I’m not 100%, but I’m leaning more towards she does than she doesn’t. The problem is she is still adjusting to her environment and is completely terrified of me. I need advice on how to quickly &...
  8. SDRB_TP

    Syringing Water - Help!

    Hey everyone, Quick Q so my piggy unfortunately has an inner ear infection and can’t walk properly so she hasn’t left her bedroom area in the shed for the past day. Her water bottle is at the other end of the shed and I have a very strong feeling she won’t have walked herself over too it as her...
  9. Bella123

    Is There An Easier Way Of Syringing Meds To Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I'm having great trouble syringe feeding Fifi the metacam she was prescribed. Yesterday I did try on my lap but that was a huge mistake and ended up wasting a lot of the metacam in the syringe (not the bottle) I do have some 1ml syringes now so that is not a problem. I have read a thread...