teeth care

  1. Tinychels

    Another piggie tooth issue

    Hello :(! On my previous post, my piggie Ruby has chipped her tooth. Luckily, her tooth grew back by the time I took her to the vet and now she’s fine. The vet did trim the tooth a little, and Ruby screamed (literally, not squealed, she SCREAMED). I kind of don’t want put Athena on the same...
  2. S

    Yellow and fat tooth

    I’m not sure why his tooth is this way, it happened a week after he broke off both of his top teeth.I can’t afford going to an exotic vet and I’m not sure how serious it is, the web is very confusing because I couldn’t find any information on this.If you know what’s wrong with Charlie, Please...
  3. C

    Dental Is this a tooth/gum diease forming? - overgrown teeth

    I just fed her parsley, but is it an issue that it’s building around her gums like this. Please help or give opinion if very much appreciate it
  4. Piggywiggywoo

    Dental Additional incisor from front jaw

    Hi, my 5 1/2 year old intact boar is having some weird tooth problems. Vet says that the molars look okay and the brown at the base of his bottom incisor is fur. Ozzy confirmed this himself as he has cleaned off his teeth and has lovely pink gums. The real problem is that his bottom left...
  5. A


    Hello, My guinea pig has recently had dental surgery because the pet shop never actually told us he had teeth behind his front, which can be a very common mistake, just wanted to know if anyone had any tips they use to shorten their teeth, I’ve heard that Timothy Hay works, anything else I can...
  6. M

    No Front Teeth How Do I Need Him!

    My guinea piggy doesn't h have front teeth ,but it is growing in he has a great diet too. He is having trouble eating his carrots and leafy greens. He is also having trouble with eating is food pellets. My other guinea pig CORN CHIP is fine he is a newborn and is very well feed and healthy. He...