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  1. K

    Dental Best Practice for Dental Issues and Vet Suggestions for Sydney, Australia.

    My four year old male, Henri, has lost a significant amount of weight while I was overseas. He is still eating grass, vegies and pellets, but finds hay difficult. He has one elongated incisor and the vet said that he has some dental issues but he needs to be anaesthetised to fully examine the...
  2. Piggywiggywoo

    Dental Additional incisor from front jaw

    Hi, my 5 1/2 year old intact boar is having some weird tooth problems. Vet says that the molars look okay and the brown at the base of his bottom incisor is fur. Ozzy confirmed this himself as he has cleaned off his teeth and has lovely pink gums. The real problem is that his bottom left...
  3. Hils

    Dental Baby guinea pig with NO bottom incisors

    A bit of an odd one - yesterday we got a 3mth old gp from a rescue. Today I noticed she drank out of the side of her mouth. It turns out she has extremely long top teeth which are curling back into her mouth but there was no sign of any bottom teeth. I'm assuming she has never had any because if...
  4. RubyGrace

    GP needs top and bottom incisors out

    Hi my 5 month old GP needs all her incisors out. She has malformed lower incisors and doesn’t sit still for regular burring so requires a general. We’ve been given the option to avoid regular generals and possible future infections (bottom teeth loose and thin) to have all her incisors out. I’m...