1. A

    Lower teeth keep breaking one by one

    Hello! I just recently got my second (last one passed away due to old age) guinea pig baby boy (he is around 5 months) from the pet store. I have had him for little over week. He is very active, very friendly and brave. He is eating pellets with big appetite, also hay and he drinks alot of...
  2. Z

    Apple sticks

    I give my guinea pigs Apple branches a couple times a week and I gave them skinnier ones and they both ate them completely-can’t find them anywhere in cage. Is this okay?
  3. S


    My pig had to be put under anaesthesia (injection) for teeth trimming earlier today. The vet gave him to us before he woke up and didn't give him the "wake up shot" or whatever the technical term for it is and he has been asleep since, for around 7 hours now. He is breathing but doesn't react to...
  4. S

    Crazy Piggy

    I just got a male guinea pig 5 days ago from a animal shelter. They didn't have his age, it was unknown. For the first 2 days he was perfectly fine. Of course he ran away from me when I tried to pick him up. But thats what all piggies do as what ive seen/read. After those 3 days we started...
  5. Stayc1989

    Tooth Not Growing Back

    I noticed a few weeks ago that my Florence had lost a tooth and it's showing no signs of growing back, it looks like it's fallen out rather than snapped off, one of my fudges teeth snapped off and grew back really quickly but hers isn't even cutting through yet, is this normal and I'm also...