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  1. Sr. Cappu

    My guinea pig COMES to pee on me

    Hello, My piggy and I are new to this forum. I have a female guinea pig for 2 months already. I was told it was 5month old when I received it so it should be around 7months old. I have been very pleased the first month, but started to be puzzled then. I have two problems with her, and I think...
  2. Marshie

    Stinky Boars smell - Will it go away?

    Hi. Maybe a week ago I introduced my boar to a young pig. Everything is going well although the older boar is obsessed with leaving his scent everywhere. I don’t mind it since I know he’s just trying to show he’s dominate (there’s no fighting just the older pig rumble struts from time to time)...
  3. S

    Urgent, Please Help! Territorial Cavies

    Hi! So, I have two Guinea Pigs names Squanch and Jerry, but I seem to have some behavioral problems and in desperate need to understand what’s happening with them. I have had Squanch since the ending of October to now (January 30). I have had Jerry about a week into December (I got him because...
  4. Jesspiggies

    3 Sows: Tips To Help Bonding

    Hi guys, I had one sow (Berry, around 6 years old) originally and 2 days ago I took in two young sows (pumpkin, and Wednesday, both around 6 months old) So basically, when they were first out together they were wonderful, they were eating together on neutral surroundings. I had a couple of...
  5. TheLottiediarys

    Advice On C And C Cage Please :)

    Hi all, I've been thinking a lot lately about changing the set up of my animal room I've got Baby in a C and c cage at the moment and Anya and Aurora also in a seperate set up to Baby. With the summer drawing to an end I'm thinking about bringing my two outside inside and I want to see about...
  6. A

    Update To: Is It Possible That My Piggie Is Still Sick?

    Here is the link to my original post: Is It Possible That My Piggy Is Still Sick? So, long story short my little Georgey was sick with a URI for two weeks at the least, and we had brought him into the vet a second time. The veterinary clinic I go to sees guinea pigs on the reg, so I have faith...
  7. Fuzz Pigs

    New Pigs Home... Nips, Bites, Squeaks And Bossy Pigs. Normal?

    Hello everyone, I brought my three rescue piggies home a couple of days ago and they've started to settle. Since they're not hiding constantly now like when they first got home, they've started to show some behaviours that I'm a little concerned about. The least concerning is one of my girls...
  8. Laci

    Adopting A Companion

    Hey guys! I'm going on three years with my cuddle bug, Snowflake, and I'm finally financially prepared to take on a companion for her. However, I wanted some reassurance on my plans. When I got Snowflake, my younger sister also got a piggy of her own, Patches, and the two of them have always...