1. D

    What should I do?

    So my guiena pig passed away recently last Friday and i need some advice should I get another guiena pig or no because it’s hard seeing his cage empty and I feel as it would help me cope easier but I don’t want this guiena pig to die to and feel the pain again but I feel lonely without my baby...
  2. Aliceandbuddy

    What Are Your Schedules? Advice

    Hello, I have a 5 month old guinea pig. He's the only one so doesn't have to fight for food or anything (rescued him and he is used to being alone- although he loves snuggles with the dog) and I asked the vet what his feeding schedule should be and he said to make sure he has veg, hay and guinea...
  3. crnyng

    Constant Squealing? Insight Please!

    Hello, my female pig, Venus, has been squeaking or squealing continuously lately. It most times sounds like fear/submission and other times just sort of sounds the same as when she squeaks for treats. The part that has me completely at a loss is it is SO often. I've noticed she only does it when...