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  1. ElizaCavies


    any ideas to what hays I should get and any nice and good quality hay on a budget and how I can see if it is good quality or not? Thanks for your help (in advance), ElizaCavies xx
  2. Jennybug89

    Storing Hay

    So I have a bag of hay and a bag if Timothy readigrass here at the moment. I'm just wondering what way you guys store your hay. Is it okay to leave the bag open or do you tape it shut etc? Will it go bad if not sealed tightly?
  3. Bella123

    Orchard Grass Hay Question

    Since I got my guinea pigs I have been feeding them Timothy hay. I recently bought a very small bale of oxbow orchard grass for a change and it was very popular. I like the Orchard grass as apparantly so I read it has a lower calcium content then most hays and its much softer then timothy...
  4. CraigGlasgow

    Fed Up Of Mouldy Meadow Hay, Is A Timothy Only Diet Acceptable?

    So due to various reasons I've just moved my remaining pig Weasley's cage in to my bedroom yesterday evening. Gave it a thorough clean, disinfected, all new hay, toys, the works. The pigs have always slept in my room wheb we visit relatives back hime so I didn't forsee any issues with this. Went...
  5. Keiko The Pig

    When To Switch To Timothy?

    i have one boar who is 4 months and one who will be 2 months at the end of May. When should I switch them over to Timothy hay/products? Most of what I read says at 6months but I don't want to deprive my younger piggy of the alfalfa and nutrients he needs to grow big and strong. They have 2...